Pain Into Purpose

Pain Into Purpose


Do you enjoy pain? I'm pretty sure your answer to that question would be, heck no! Who does? No one on earth genuinely enjoys pain, let alone painful experiences. But, what if I told you that your pain has a purpose?


If you still need more convincing, then look no further. In this book, Pain Into Purpose, Alexis shares, in great detail, all of her painful experiences that left her with some pretty nasty, and unwanted emotional scars. With her childhood years filled with numerous instances of rejection, it only further fueled her search for acceptance in her adult life, but in all of the wrong places.


From one failed relationship to another, it took Alexis to hit rock bottom to realize that things had to change. However, the change had to start from within. All it took was for Alexis to become willing to the healing process, embrace the unknown, and invite the one and only Source, to help her remember who she was all along. Was it fun? Absolutely not. However, Alexis reminds us of a key factor in life: the power of your choice. All it takes is one decision to propel you into your purpose.


As you'll read throughout her story, her original desire to help others revealed itself in an unexpected way, in a very unexpected realm. Alexis shares her story to remind the reader this: You Are Never Too Broken To Be The Best Version Of Yourself.

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