Notebook and Pen



Where Have I Been?!?

I know I has been quite some time since I have written a blog, posted on Instagram, recorded a podcast, and basically just teaching you all the wisdom life teaches me.


Do not fear for I have an explanation as to where I have been.

The simple answer: I have been living and enjoying life! Yup, in order to provide wisdom and teach others, ya girl has to live life to get those lessons learned. If you know me personally, or not, my philosophy is this: I don't teach on anything I have not been through personally, or experienced. So yeah....that's that.

With my time being away from everything social media related, I've moved into a new space, which has given my creativity a nice recharge. I honestly wanted to enjoy the moment of transitioning to a new space behind the scenes, because it was a big moment for me in my life because I got to see how my hard work has begun to pay off, little by little.

Besides moving, and all the jazz that comes with it, I have been pouring into my immediate circle of sisters. Anyone who is placed near and dear to my heart I try my best to nurture those relationships as much as possible, because let's be honest, life is meaningless without good relationships. We are human after all.

On top of moving, and pouring into my relationships behind the scenes, I have also had a lot of time to think about my life, and what my "ministry" is and what it will look like. As many of you know, or if you don't know now you will, but my relationship with God is what keeps me grounded. Ever since that day He found me back in 2017, I keep Him near and dear to my heart. What prompted me getting off social media for a bit was honestly God telling me to take a step back. I just felt this internal tug to take a step back, live my life, and think about what I want my ministry to look like, and how I could utilize social media with my ministry. If I am being 100% honest, which is what I strive to be at all times, I have been struggling with how I can share my life, but still be very private and under the radar. Yes I know, I am nowhere near Beyonce's level of fame and exposure, but still, putting your life out there online is still exposure and ya girl just doesn't like people in her business...if you get what I'm sayin' (my southern is coming out now).

As many of you know, I have grown my platform as a single woman, teaching and encouraging others that you can start over, follow your dreams, and become the woman you have always wanted to be no matter what, or who, has tried to break you down in the past. Like scripture likes to remind me, "If God is for you, then WHO can be against you?" (can we get an amen in the building!). But the reality is I don't want to stay a single woman, nor do I want my ministry to only be about "singleness". Why? Because I know my calling is to be a wife and a mother. Now, this isn't to say that singleness isn't part of that journey. By all means it is! But I, as a transparent and real human being, know my ministry will change, and I am just trying to figure it all out so that I can walk in my purpose, and deliver the knowledge that God teaches me, to each and every person I meet. Oh....I guess I should clear these few things up: no I am not married, don't have kids, or any of that marriage "stuff" just yet (but I am speaking that into existence). I am just simply making room for those things to happen in my life, with this internal transition that I feel. Didn't want to scare ya'll just yet.

But before I ramble on, that is where I have been. Living my life, enjoying this new season of growth, and making room for what my heart desires and getting it aligned with God's timing. I will say this: God's timing is the best, and His blessings will be more than you expected, but embrace them. Whichever door(s) has your name on it, open it and receive it. You don't have to be fully ready to receive blessings from God, let alone perfect. You just have to be willing to trust Him and know that if He if sends you a blessing, that means you are ready for it. Don't thro