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When Peace Comes in Unexpected Times

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Throughout my life, and certainly in times like this, I’ve realized that peace is truly a gift from God. I’ve experienced peace at times where I should honestly be running around like a mad woman, worried, yelling at every human who makes eye contact with me, and just all out a looney. However, when I sit still for a moment, regardless if the world around me might be crashing down, I can always seek God for peace.

As Philippians 4:7 states, God will grant you a peace beyond your understanding. Given the current climate we are all in, there have been days where I naturally wanted to hop on the band wagon of being worried about my life. I kid you not, there were days where I hesitated even opening my door because I somehow thought that breathing in the air would kill me. My mind was being fed too many breaking news notifications that I forgot my anchor, God.

God is not a man who instills fear in us. Wisdom, yes. Precaution, yes. But fear? Absolutely not. By all means, following certain guidelines is needed during this time, not only for myself, but so that I keep others safe too. I remember one afternoon where my phone was going off nonstop with CNN updates and my local news, that I got so fed up I put my phone under my sheets so it would be out of sight, out of mind. I thought about throwing it outside but realized that would not be too wise of me. Me, phoneless? Not good.

As my phone was away from me, I just sat in complete silence. Being still opens my spirit up to receive any word from God I need. I closed my eyes and just sat on my couch. That’s when I just felt an overwhelming sense of peace come over me. My chest felt lighter, my thoughts felt lighter, and honestly, I felt more energized. It’s like God knew I was sick and tired of the fear being pumped into the world. I opened my eyes and sat there for a few more minutes. I began to be thankful for every little thing as well, all because I was at peace. I knew He had control of the world, even when it felt like He didn’t. My silence was quickly disturbed once my neighbors dog began to bark nonstop. Anyone else hate when that happens?

I wrote this to remind each and every one of you, in times where chaos might be all throughout the world, God can provide a peace beyond all understanding. If He is for you, then who can be against you? I know everyone is being affected during times like this and I pray that you are not experiencing extremely tough times. However, just know that if you take a moment to be still, God will grant you peace, and peace is His love for us to simply remind us, everything will be alright.

Talk Soon! ~Alexis