Notebook and Pen




With the new year already in full affect, it hit me one afternoon that I need to start this year off differently. I have been overcome with a deep sense of needing to "unplug" myself from the world, and make sure my spiritual life is prepped for the upcoming year. This is why I have decided to unplug for 21 days.

The online church I follow called Transformation Church, located in Tulsa, OK takes part in a 21 day fast beginning Jan 6th. Coincidentally enough, that is when I was deeply feeling to do a mini fast myself. TC provides a very in depth packet on their website in regards to the fast, along with a diet plan as well. Being that I eat fairly clean all year long, have opted out of the food portion. What I have decided to limit was listening to secular music, being on social media, and also limiting my phone usage in general.

Something as simple as "scrolling" on a app can create so much unnecessary mental and emotional agitation.

With limiting the above things, I am consciously replacing this extra time with reading, writing, and praying over my life. Remember, always replace the things you are giving up with something better i.e. reading, exercising, writing, medicating, etc.

I will say, the habit of always checking my phone is not the easiest to break. But, just from the first few days I experience so much mental clarity and all of my thoughts begin to reroute off of what others are doing into what I desire. It's all about me!

For anyone who has ever struggled with trying to please others and always worries about what others might think of you, I can 100% say that this process will help you embrace your thoughts, your wants, your desires, and so forth.

Along with the replacing bad habits with good ones for 21 days. the biggest ingredient of it all if is your relationship with God. He is THE man to turn too with anything and everything that is on your mind and heart. If you are someone like me when I first started out praying, you might think you need to pray to Him using your most eloquent vocab. Well, let me tell you a little secret, you don't! Just talk to God. Pour out how you exactly feel, even if it isn't all sunflowers. Just be honest with Him and ask for His help.

He just wants to hear from you.

So I challenge you to unplug for the rest of the month. Have a lot of quiet time to yourself. Get to know yourself. Get to know The Creator and let Him guide you.

Talk to you soon!