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Tips for Setting & Achieving Goals For The New Year

Every new year brings constant reminders of setting goals, or what society likes to call "resolutions". I am not a fan of resolutions, or really that term in general. That word puts a lot of pressure on a persons mental state demanding them to resolve things rather than just simply setting a goal.

Throughout my life time, I've succeeded in some of my goals, but I will humbly admit that I have also failed at a lot of them too. I then asked myself why? Why did I achieve some and not the others? It came down to this: I set too many long term goals rather than short term goals. While long term goals should be included in your list, I highly recommend also jotting down short term goals, goals that are actually attainable within a 12 month period or less.

By doing this simple task, you will notice that the more short term goals you accomplish, the less daunting the long term goals seem, which in turn will actually make you stick with accomplishing them.

For instance, if your list includes things like getting married, having lost of kids, buying your first home, paying down all student debt, achieving your dream body etc., depending on where you are, this might seem a bit overwhelming to accomplish, which results in the brain shutting down automatically.

While I will advise on including these on your "long term goals" list, some very feasible short term goals that could assist in accomplishing your long term goals could include:

  • Working on internally healing from past relationships, which would in turn allow a person to seek the right spouse to marry

  • Picking a few accounts to completely pay off instead of all. This way you can manage money better and avoid living paycheck to paycheck.

  • If your wanting to buy your first home, make sure to work on your credit first, which includes paying down accounts one by one. That way you can set yourself up with a lower interest rate when ready to buy a house. Also, taking into consideration if you will be married or not will be helpful too.

  • Aim to workout at least 2-3 days week. If you have never worked out in your life or its been a while since you have, do not put pressure on yourself to commit to 6 days of hard core exercise. It won't me I've done it.

Again, these are just some quick ideas I have here. Notice how the short term goals are still gearing towards the long goals.

Small wins create mental stamina to accomplish the big wins.

Overall, the general concept it this: construct two different list, one for long term goals and the other for short term goals. Be realistic on the short term goals that you know you can accomplish within a year. If longer than a year, put it on the long term list. Be honest with yourself in terms of what you write down and make sure to do this task during some quiet time.

If you're like me, I am ready to tackle 2020 and beyond. I have a deep feeling that 2020 is going to be quite a year for the world, let alone my individual self. Make sure to step out of your comfort zones too, because no one grows when they are comfortable.

Talk to you soon!