Notebook and Pen



The Truth Hurts

Becoming a certified coach in early 2019 has been a such a blessing in my life. I love coaching. It’s my passion to help others. I remember glancing at the meaning of my name and it ironically means "Defender, protector, helper of mankind". God knew what He created me to do.


The one major thing I’ve noticed in my career as a coach is that telling the truth isn’t always easy, and isn’t readily accepted either.

The infamous biblical saying “The truth shall set you free” misses one key factor: the truth won't always feel good.

Just like physical exercise; the results are great and the benefits are great as well. But, it doesn’t always feel good nor is it enjoyable at times.

If you’ve been a client of mine, or haven’t, my core purpose is to get to the root cause of your issues. Putting a band-aid on internal issues will NOT work. If that’s what you’re looking for, then hiring me probably won’t be what you’re looking for. But, if you want the TRUTH, then you’ve met your match.

When a person is suffering from past traumas (trauma is my major area of study), it can be hard for that person to see that their issue(s) are due to an infection that has spread. But, like every physical infection, wound, and/or set of symptoms, the cause can ALWAYS can be traced back to a root/starting point. And that’s where my specialty lies.


Discovering the root takes vulnerability, being uncomfortable, accepting the incidents that caused trauma, and getting rid of the shame attached to those events. This is where people, 9 times out of 10, shut down. It’s painful to reveal what you’ve been suppressing for years. I’ve had to do it myself. I cried until I had no tears left. I gave up on myself because I felt shameful and embarrassed. I yearned for a better life. But, the beauty of all of this "gunk" that was coming out, was that my body, and mind, was able to heal. The truth of my past and allowing my body to comprehend it was how I healed. But the root of it was TRUTH.

Replaying those moments of pain did not feel good, but the affects of it set me free.

I wrote this to remind those who think putting a band-aid of lies on your wounds will eventually make you forget about them. It wont. You can buy the most fancy band-aids on the market, and the wound will still be there when you take it off.

It's time to rip off every single band-aid you've been using to conceal those wounds, get down to the pit of truth, and begin to work through the infected area.