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Ladies: Stop Taking Dating Advice from Men!

I must admit I have not commented on this topic on purpose. I didn't want to ruffle too many feathers since I know the need for dating advice.


I have now come to the realization that it's time I speak up on this topic.

Ladies: we have to stop taking dating advice from men!

I've noticed, over the last 3 years, an influx of men who coin themselves as "Love Experts" or "Self Love Ambassador's" with a little mix of this infamous description in their profiles: "Man of God".

I've lost count how many eye rolls I've done when I see these things on social media.

Let me get one thing clear before I provide my calculated reasons as to why I feel women need to stop supporting men who claim themselves as such. I am not writing this article out of hate, bitterness, jealousy, etc., as many men would like to call it. I am writing this article for the women, to help wake us up, to take the covering off of our eyes, and to truly see why this trend isn't benefiting us one bit.

For the sake of not wanting to put certain "gurus" on blast, I will not be mentioning any names in here. But do note, I have gathered my findings on very popular gurus among the internet to come to these conclusions.

Problem #1:

I have a serious problem with the fact that so many women are spending their hard earned money to attend the conferences these men hold, just to hear the same old generic advice:

"Love yourself"