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It's Time For New Soil

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

I've always believed that nature has some serious healing attributes. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with life, taking a stroll around my favorite park, or even sitting by the water, disintegrates all of the heavy stuff on my shoulders. Listening to the sounds of nature, kids playing, and looking at how ordered nature is, not only makes me appreciate God even more, but it also teaches me more about Him too.

Think about it: nature doesn't question God as to why it was created to be a certain plant, animal, tree, etc. Nature just obeys God's ordered system. Nature depends and trust that God will provide the sunlight and rain needed for it's survival.

When I realized how dependent nature actually is on the system that God created, it dawned on me that the soil in which plants grow in is just as crucial. Without the soil having the proper nutrients in it, the plant will not grow into it's full potential, which means no "fruit" is produced.

If God desires His plants to grow to their potential, and even knows the best conditions needed for that plant to be everything He intended it to be, don't you think He wants the same for you? Don't you think He knows the exact environment, aka the soil and nutrients, for you to be everything He intended you to be?

I hope you 100% know that's what God wants for you.

I want you to picture yourself as a plant, perhaps your favorite flower, in a pot of soil. My favorite flower happens to be a purple orchid. I was drawn to this flower not only for it's color, but the meaning behind it. A purple orchid represents royalty, respect, admiration, and dignity. Ironically, it's everything I value and strive to exemplify daily. After learning the meaning of a purple orchid, I immediately thought geez, the beauty of this flower would be missed if it wasn't grown in the right soil. That's when a light bulb went off in my head and God revealed a deep message to me.

Often times, as humans, we don't know what "flower" we were created to be, because the soil we are planted in, either by our choice or the choice of others, lacks the essential nutrients needed for us to reach our potential. The soil can represent a number of things such as the relationships we keep close to us, the city we live, the job we go to everyday, our daily habits, etc. The soil is what influences how we grow. Apart from the flower not growing properly, another key sign that the soil a particular flower is in, is barren of nutrients, is when the water intended for the plant, never gets absorbed by the plant, and instead the soil sucks it straight out because it's also craving for water. The "water" is God's word. God's love. God's light. Sometimes the soil we are surrounded by is so desperate for any type water, that it will steal it away from the thing that it was intended for, you.

As you take a moment and think about your current soil, does it steal the water in your life? Does it leave you feeling guilty? Drained? Stunting your growth? Whatever combination the soil represents in your life, this main rule stands firm:

If the soil you're currently in does not add to your growth, and stunts you from reaching your full potential, it's time for new soil.

Never feel like the soil you might be in currently, is the end all be all. There is an endless amount of good soil for you to plant yourself in to become the "flower" you were intended to be. But, sometimes it takes us realizing the truth about our current soil, to know we need a new pot to grow in. As humans, we tend to get attached, or comfortable, in the soil we grew a little in, which makes it hard to separate. What then happens is we think we can make the soil "good" again by putting more and more into it, and allowing some of our water to be shared with the soil, only to come to find out we are not the adequate source to replenish that soil . Only God can replenish nutrient barren soil.

I challenge you, the reader, to take a deep look at your soil and your current state as your "flower". Has your growth been stunted? Do you feel malnourished by your environment? If your answer is yes, then its time for new soil.