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How are you marketing "yourself"?

We live in a social media age. No matter how hard you try to deny it, time and time again we get reminded that social media is just a part of our daily lives. Nowadays, there seems to be an app for everything under the sun. It can be quite overwhelming if you ask me. Don't you miss the days where a cell phone was only able to make calls and texts?

Based on the year I was born I am considered a "millennial" and all of my fellow millennial's know that we pretty much grew up alongside technology growing into what it is today. It started out with MySpace, then Facebook, Tumblr was somewhere in the mix too, then Twitter, Snapchat, and the ever popular Instagram.

In the beginning, social media was really just a place to connect with friends and share your life. Some took it a little too far at times and would share a little bit too much about their daily lives (I think we've all had that ONE friend). But, now I've noticed social media is slowly warping into a "undisclosed" dating pool. If your profile doesn't catch someones eye in 5-10 seconds, you are out of the game. How do I know this? Well, I've caught myself doing it a few times and I have heard both men and women completely write off a human being in that amount of time.

"Girl, his face! Nope. I NEED my man to have a decent face!"

"Nah, she looks too much like a good girl. I need something exotic."

"Oh no. Every photo is perfectly taken, he's got 3 cars, and wears designer clothes. F boy central."

"Every picture of him is him half naked. I mean we see you workout but geez. Conceited much?"

"Bruh, look at THIS one! She gotta cute face, she thick, and she single. Might have to hit this one."

And the list can really go on and on with the responses I have heard.

From hearing these types of judgments based off pictures, it came to me that how you "market" yourself really can influence how you are seen and approached on social media. Because I am a woman, I will be focusing on how women really need to be very conscious of how we are marketing ourselves, especially if you are wanting any kind of respect from the opposite sex.

I've had roughly a handful of friends in my life complain about the types of men that are in their DM's. I've seen the messages these men send and it shocks me to see how bold these men can be. But, when I looked at my friends pages a little more closely, I noticed that the women who had problems with men coming on