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Don't Neglect The Breadcrumbs

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

If you've been a follower of my writing, or ever had a conversation with me in person, you'd come to find out that I tend to use practical examples to explain very deep thoughts. Just like the "soil" blog, I have come to understanding the importance of not neglecting the breadcrumbs of life.

Think about the last time you bought a fresh loaf of bread, or even a pre-sliced loaf. Notice how at the bottom of the bag there are numerous little breadcrumbs. Some are loose and others are stuck to the actual loaf. But, nonetheless those breadcrumbs were produced by the loaf.

Throughout my life, I always tend to ask for signs. Signs that I am going in the right direction, making the right decisions for my future, etc. It helps me feel reassured that I am doing the right thing, and most importantly, that God hasn't forgotten about me.

Typically, the signs that appear, after my persistent wishing, are very small. So small that if I'm not paying attention and present, I could certainly miss them. However, when I do catch them, I realized that they resembled the breadcrumbs of a something larger, like a loaf of bread.

The breadcrumbs are meant to remind you that not only are you on the right path, but that something bigger might be closer than you think. I truly believe God sends us breadcrumbs to give us subtle hints, the biggest one being,

"Keep going".

I remember this time roughly last year really questioning about whether Texas was going to be my new home. I literally would ask God for signs. And, let's be honest, my conversations are REAL with Him. I come out the closet like, "So, God, if you really want me to move to Texas, I need some signs and a clear route there. You see what I'm working with". I kid you not, I started getting subtle signs everywhere I went. I would see tons of Texas tags in Florida. Literally, everywhere I turned there was a Texas tag. At stop lights, when I would park, and even a rental car I had. It was like a sick joke. I remember getting my nails done and looking up at the TV to see what show was playing. The show that was playing that particular day was called "Texas Overhaul". I chuckled so loud the lady thought the water might've been too hot. I said, "Oh no, it's fine! I am just laughing at the show". Before I knew it, within two months God made a way and I moved to Texas.

Due to Him proving that His breadcrumbs of signs do work, and are leading to something bigger, like a loaf of bread, it has made me wholeheartedly rely on these small signs. And the great thing about it, you can ask for signs in anything! Of course, don't neglect your own wisdom and clear red-flags about a situation, but if you need some reassurance, it doesn't hurt to ask for some breadcrumbs.

I challenge you, the reader, have you been neglecting some breadcrumbs and thinking they have no value? Did you forget that sometimes the crumbs can lead you to the loaf those crumbs came from? Take a moment and remember, even the smallest things have significant meaning.