Notebook and Pen



Back to the Basics

In case you might've been living under a rock, the current state of the world is in quite a standstill due to the rapidly spreading virus: COVID-19.

Instead of opening your social media to see the usual timelines of fashion post, blog post, funny videos, or memes from your favorite influencers, you'll most likely see post, after post, AFTER post describing the current conditions of being in quarantine, social distancing, stock markets crashing, death tolls rising, supply shortages etc. I have to admit that the constant media coverage on this pandemic is insightful and allows me to stay up to date on the issue, but is very heavy on the soul as well. There have been days already where I just wanted to pull the covers over my head, go to sleep, and hope that when I wake up I would come to realize that this was all a bad dream. A girl can wish, right?

But, my goals, my business, let alone my FUTURE, will not benefit if I lived under my covers. One morning as I was cooking myself a hot breakfast (which is one of my little self-love tricks I do for myself on Sundays) I realized that all of this isolation, due to this pandemic, is actually.....needed. Not just for me, but for the world. We, as the human race, have gotten so conditioned to "Go Go Go!" all of the time that we never stop to smell the roses. Honestly, when was the last time you took a moment, put your phone down, and just stopped? While I hate that such a disaster had to occur to wake humans up, there are so many benefits during this season.

As I was eating my breakfast, and just enjoying the stillness of the morning, that was when it hit me: it's time to get back to the basics.

I've lost count how many times I've caught myself saying I was born in the wrong generation. While I enjoy the benefits of technological advances, having airplanes to travel all around the world, cars, ubers, etc., I've seen how distant it's made humans. Before this crisis, I could be in any line, any restaurant, any large gathering of people, and see a large amount of people on their phones, scared to make eye contact with another human, let alone being a kind and caring human being.

I believe it's taken such a crisis like this one, to get the human race to slow down, take in our surroundings, and understand that we must get back to enjoying the simple things in life. Things like.....

  • Spending time with loved ones beyond the regular holiday gatherings

  • Families cooking dinner and everyone sitting at the table discussing their day with no cell phones in sight

  • Kids actually playing outside instead of playing video games

  • Friends reconnecting and catching up (even if that means through a 4 way zoom call)

  • Relationships/marriages getting stronger and having those conversations you "never had time for"

  • Getting to know someone better (forced confinement will have you learning so much about someone)

  • To the singles; healing from your past, getting to know yourself better, and possibly working on a project or a business to make some extra cash

  • Making time for God, and your spiritual life (this seems to get the most neglected in our times)