Notebook and Pen



A New World On The Horizon

It's pretty safe to say that the entire world has been affected by the current pandemic. I don't know about you, but I really did not foresee a forced stay-at-home order in my 2020 goals. Lord knows I claimed 2020 to be my year!

However, instead of whining about staying home and having my freedom put on pause for the sake of other's health, as well as mine, it really has been heavy on my heart to warn us of something. To my readers, when we finally get the green light to go back to our regular lives, I can't stress enough that we can NOT live like we did before. We simply can't.

This time of the world pretty much in a forced time-out, has honestly exposed so many areas that need some amending. The government is certainly an area that has been, by far, the most exposed to how many weak points have been present in the system that have not been tended to for who knows how long. Another area that has also been exposed is the priorities of humans.

If you have any type of social media, I can almost guarantee you that you've seen countless complaints about some pretty dumb stuff. Women complaining about their nails not being able to get done, their hair lady not being able to come visit, people not being able to go to the beach, or workout. And the worst complaining has been seen from adults who are having to assist their child with home schooling.

Now, while I understand the hardships that exist for certain businesses who rely on their customers for their revenue, and many parent's not specializing in teaching, I have to say one thing:

We really need a reality check on what matters in life.

Let me make it clear too, I had to get a reality check as well. I never write anything I don't practice myself. This time of solitude has made me appreciate every little thing. It's made me appreciate leaving my home and coming back safely. It's made me appreciate stocked shelves at the store. It's made me appreciate a simple hello from a human. It's made me appreciate every breath I take and every sunrise I get to witness with my eyes.

For those who think that going back to our regular lives with no internal change is the way to go, are indeed missing the point of this entire time. I truly believe that God saw how focused we were on the wrong things in life. And, like every great Father, He is using this time to tell us enough is enough! Just like a parent takes away a child's toys when they do something wrong; it's the same thing I believe God is doing to us. He had to take away sports, concerts, and all other social gatherings to get our attention. We are stubborn creatures what can I say.

We need to be better people when we go back into the world.

As the human race, we need to have more compassion for each other, help one another, and get rid of this "Only Me" mentality. Issues never get solved solely by the works of one, but by people coming together for a greater cause. This includes racism in our country, the unequal resources being provided, or lack there of, for differen