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5 Mistakes Women make in Dating

Relationships are complicated in general. But dating?? Psh talk about tough especially during these times. Whether you're wife material, newly single and ready to mingle, or getting over a breakup, it's all hard.

But, I have to be honest with the ladies........

Sometimes it's US who make mistakes and mess things up for ourselves. I know we want to blame men for everything, but it's time we stop and take a good look in the mirror at ourselves.

Throughout my own personal observations, personal mistakes, and counseling women on relationships, I have been able to narrow down the 5 biggest mistakes that women make when dating.

1). Dating less attractive males to avoid "pain"

Let me be real here for a second: downgrading to avoid any type of pain, or "problems", within a relationship will not make you happy, safe, or even qualify that relationship to stand the test of time. The area I see this happen the most frequently in is in regards to a man's physical appearance.

Have you ever been at the mall, a theme park, or any other large gathering of people and saw an attractive woman with a not so attractive man? And, if you have seen this, your first thought might sound something like this:

"Why is she with him? I mean, maybe that's her friend, right? There's no way they are dating."

This is a prime example that women will subconsciously downgrade in the looks department thinking that will eliminate the chances of cheating to occur, due to her new partner not appealing to the masses. While this might work to "limit" physical cheating to occur, this certainty doesn't stop a man from emotionally cheating or, what I like to call mentally cheating on you.

I want to get this fact clear: if a man watches porn, follows a large amount of provocative women on his socials, and/or has way too many female "friends", that is the perfect recipe for that man to mentally/emotionally cheat. Just because there is no physical woman there, the visuals he decides to put into his mind, will certainly taint his view of you, women in general, and sex. I urge any woman, regardless of the man's physical appearance, to speak up when you see this occurring in your relationship. If not addressed, it can lead to more issues later down the road.

If you are someone who has caught yourself dating less attractive men, or if you're currently in a similar situation, you need to ask yourself this question: