Meet Alexis

Alexis Forteza is a Certified Life Coach and self-published author, who's mission is to empower women all around the world through the topics of relationships, singleness, self-love, and heartbreak. Since launching her coaching business, Alexis has been the most booked coach on MyMentor.Life, a website founded by the world renowned life coach, Tony Gaskins Jr.  

Alexis started her coaching career to help women not make the same mistakes she did in her relationships. Alexis knows first hand what it's like to get caught in a toxic off-and-on romantic relationship, losing herself over a man, and the worst, having zero support and understanding on how to make a change.

Alexis' first self-published book, Pain into Purpose, is a detailed account of her life since early childhood, up until her late twenties. Alexis goes into full detail as to where the root problem started and how the seemingly small events in her childhood infected her early adult life. It was when her eight-year relationship took a nosedive on christmas eve, and crying herself to sleep, when she realized a change needed to happen, and fast!

Alexis soon gave her life to God, built-up her faith, and decided to make different choices for herself in life. The biggest key Alexis shares with other women who have a hard time getting out of toxic cycles is this: your willingness to make a different choice.

Since making different choices for her life, Alexis has launched her coaching business, has written two books,  has been a Co-host on a Christian-based podcast, and has changed women's lives one phone call at a time.

As her mission statement states:

You are never too broken to become the best version of yourself.