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I help women find their value, voice, and confidence after relational hardships. No matter how drained emotionally and physically you may feel, there is always an opportunity for self-discovery and purpose wrapped up in the experience.

Learn how to make your mental, emotional, and physical health a priority and heal from what is holding you back from your goals. 

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Pain Into Purpose Book

Available in Print and Digital

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Hey There! I'm Alexis,

I'm a mentor, podcast host, and self-published author here to help women tap into their divine power and identity, no matter what or who has tried to diminish it.
You will always find me with a book in my hand learning about the soul and the inner world of human emotions, or with my airpods in jamming to some music, since I am a music junkie as well. Who doesn't love to dance, right?
My mission is to help you stop questioning yourself and live confidently by getting to the root of your pain, understanding the hidden lesson within it, and to gain the wisdom and insight to make better choices for your future. My approach is simple: let's get to the pain, the insecurity, the fears, etc., remind yourself you are not any of those things, get you back on track with who you really are, and creating purpose moving forward. My focus is heavy on interpersonal relationships, but my biggest one to help you heal is the relationship with yourself. You are stuck with you until the next life, so get comfy with YOU!

If you're ready, and willing to get on the right path, let's get started!

Want To Know Alexis' "Why"? 

Grab a copy of her first self-published book, Pain Into Purpose, to get a detailed glimpse of Alexis' younger years, and why she believes every experience serves a greater purpose in your life.

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Interested in Coaching Packages?

One session might not be enough for you? No worries! Check out the bundles Alexis has created for those who are needing/wanting coaching sessions that cater to more long-term goals and check-ins.